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We have seen the puppy mills. They exist everywhere in the world. THE PUPPY MILL CONCEPT IS STRICTLY CONDEMNED IN PETS HABITAT BUSINESS MODULE and we ensure this through our strict protocols, associations & contracts in place. Read more in our Importing & Selling page. Think about it: in order to sell anything cheap one must have own manufacturing facility to sell in bulk. Sadly, this is still happening in UAE at various farms and pet shops. Importers pick up to 50+ pups from puppy farms in Europe as well as Asia, and bring them to Dubai on regular basis. We continue to prioritise ethics and concentrate on quality, not quantities sold, while ensuring good health and genetic integrity of your puppy. One short interaction with Pets Habitat puppies will demonstrate how exceptionally social and happy they are with humans & other pets equally! The same being not true with puppy mill animals, who often tend to shy away from you or show signs of aggression towards other pets. See other pet store pups & then compare with ours. You will see the difference. 

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Pets Habitat is concerned about hundreds of stray cats in UAE streets. Our first emphasis is to encourage everyone to adopt/rescue a cat or kitten if possible. However, we also understand that pedigree cats have their own characteristics sought by many cat enthusiasts. Thus we do have pedigree kittens available occasionally. We prefer to purchase kittens from UAE based breeders instead of importing whenever possible (some breeds are just not available locally). However, we follow the same steps with locally purchased kittens to ensure the parents as well as kittens meet our comprehensive health screening standard to eliminate any serious health issues. We ensure your pure breed kitten will be a pleasant addition to your family and not just a liability coupled with frequent veterinary visits. 

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At Pets Habitat we used to occasionally sell small pet birds and parrots. However, the demand for such pets has declined over the years, especially in areas of Dubai we serve, combined with most buyers inability to invest time and money into proper care of such pets. Therefore, we have recently stopped selling birds in our store in order to reduce needless stress on such creatures. We welcome inquires for specific birds / parrots and can attempt to source one for you through our sources if we can.    

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Other than puppies and kittens you may also find hamsters, mice, gerbils and other rodents to take home as a starter pet. We offer you a complete set up for these furry critters and recommend Habitrail and IMAC cages for keeping these small animals at your homes in a comfortable and practical habitat.

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