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The best  clumping litter in Dubai. Enough said.  Please try it to believe it.  Granulated bentonite forms such instant clumps that odor is a thing of the past.

We have carefully monitored and adjusted the size of the granuales to be  not too small so it will fly like sand and not too big so the clumps are easy to form.  Result, our own brand of cat litter, designed to please your cat and you equally.

Comes in 10 kg bags only.  Priced AED 35 per bag. 

Price : 35 AED
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Cat Furniture / Play station


Every household with a kitten or an adult cat requires cat furniture.  Cats need to scratch their nails to remove the outer layer of their claws and to satisfy instinct of leaving a mark on things they love.  The higher and bigger the design, the more interesting it is to your cat.  A cat play station will have lots of sisal rope posts, hide boxes, soft cusions and hanging toys.  Invest in one or say goodbye to your own furniture every 2-3 months.

We stock so many sturdy and high quality designs in our stores that your cat would go buzzzerrrk  if you brought him/her in to choose one.

For very large design requests, we even custom design and manufacture these locally. Can you believe it ?  Comer and discover our designs ( with or without your cat )  or if you have a better budget, ask us for a bigger, customzied design on order.

Price :  AED
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